There are so many people that are struggling financially at the moment we felt that we needed to do something that would help them. Therefore, we put together this website with lots of information that we hope will help lots of people with improving their financial situation. We realise that this is not an easy thing to do and we have therefore worked hard to try to provide it in a way that we hope is accessible to everyone. We have kept it light and therefore hope that it is easy to understand and covered topics that we hope will be relevant to most people. We also have provided some hints and tips with regards to changes that we think people might want to consider making that will help them to improve their financial situation. We hope that by starting people off thinking this way and hoping that they will make a few changes, it will motivate them to learn more and realise that they are capable of understanding more about money and making the changes required to be more in control of their money. There is a joy to feel like you can easily manage your money and we hope that we can spread this to as many people as possible so even if their income is not good or the economy seems bad, they will still able to manage and feel happy in the situation that they are in.